Meter Reading

  1. Meter Reading of all consumer is carried on routine basis each month to record the consumption  of energy consumed by each consumer during billing cylce/billing month. The meter reading is generally taken through newly implemented mobile meter reading . The meter reading schedule is prepared in such a way the meter of a Sector are normally read during same date of each month.
  2. Meter reading of all connection having any load is taken by Meter Reading .
  3. Consumer can see the recorded snap printed  on his/own electric bill
  4. Following Application is mandatory across bahria town to record electric Meter.



New Electric Connection

  Bahria Town provide appropriate metering equipment at the cost of consumer for all categories of consumer.

  Meter Location:-

  1. It shall be responsibility of consumer to provide safe , appropriate and accessible location of meter installation.
  2. The meter shall be install at appropriate height from ground Level.

  Meter Installation:-

    Bahria Town shall make it possible to install equipment in accordance with latest industry standard .

  1. All meter shall be installed on non flammable board in true vertical position . that prevent the meter from damaging with water .
  2. When multiple meter equipment is installed on same building (e.g Plazas). So it is necessary to label the particular connection with consumer of  owner address.

   Meter Replacment:-

  1. Incase of replacement of meter , the consumer account shall not be liable to any adjustment on the basis of any discrepency detected in the impugned metering equipment .
  2. Bahria Town in any time the doubt of an accuracy of metering equipment Bahria Town may after informed to customer changed to electric meter to new calibirated , tested meter equipment.
  3. During unsatisfaction by electric bill or accuracy of energy meter consumer may request for impunged checked meter connection by paying an amount of 1000/-as  Check meter fee . After paying challan fee the said meter will be tested within Seven day from the date of payment




Tariff Detail

Tariff Mean the rate , change , term and conditions for generation of electric bill . Bahria Town shall charged his/own Customer such Tariff approved the National Power and Electric Authority  and duly notified the Government of Pakistan.


The scedule Tariff as approved by Nepra is available on concerning offices . Implemented Tariff is listed below.

All consumer queries/clarification inrespect of applicable Tariff shall be adequately addressed by Bahria Town.








Untitled Document


S.NOTarrif Category /ParticularPartsRateSubsidyApplied RateApplicable Uniform Qtrly 1st & 2nd Adjustment W.E F. 01-07-2019 Rs / KWh
1Up to 50 Units2.00---
21 to 100 Units10.875.085.79-
31 to 200 Units1 To 10010.875.085.79-
101 To 20014.005.898.11-
41 to 300 Units1 To 20014.005.898.11-
201 To 20015.585.3810.2-
51 to 700 Units1 To 30015.585.3810.20.75
301 to 70017.60017.600.75
6700 Unit1 To 70017.60017.600.75
Above 70020.70020.700.75





The Consumer shall in no case use the connection for the purpose other than for which it was originally sanctioned.Incase of violation,The consumer is liable for disconnection and or/penal action.

Consumer Name Change

If the consumer sell thier premises where the connection is installed. It shall be obligatory for new owner to apply to Bahria Town for change of name . Such an appliation is accompained by written consent of previous owner regarding transfer form  of previous consumer in the name of new owner.

Disconnection Reconnection , Fee Etc



  1. A premises is liable to be disconnected If the consumer is defaultor in making of payment of the energy of consumption charges bill or If they are using energy tariff other than it was sanctioned or he extend the load as sanctioned by Disco.
  2. The consumer shall be bound to pay his/own energy bill within duedate specified in the bill, or with in late payment surcharge.If paid within date before issuance new bill.
  3. Incase of non payment of energy bill .Bahria Town electric billing department serve a notice of disconnection printed on electric bill for payment of bill or face the penal action or meter disconnected.
  4. Upon non payment of reciept even after duedate end , The supply of electric equipment removed .In such cases no electric connection restored or reconnected until the payment of full energy bill.


    Disconnection Temporary:-


  1. Temporary disconnection is allowed by the request of customer for a period upto request of customer.
  2. Consumer has paid the final bill upto day immediately proceeding the intended date of request for temporary disconnection.




  1. Disconnected premises shall be reconnected after the request of consumer or by paid outstanding bill





Dishonest Use of Electricity

  1. Direct Use of by Unregistered / Registered Consumer of Bahria Town.
  2. All theft cases would be dealt by Bahria Town strictly in accordance with relevent clauses of Electricity act 1910.
  3. Disco shall interalia process the case as Theft of Electicity and register an FIR with the Police.
  4. Bahria shall be authorize to recover it loss by raising detection bill as per it own procedure.



 Crafted by : Ehsan Ul Haq